I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them. Anne Rice

Response and Reviews

Green Dreams

So thrilled!
1. Written by Bhavana Nair, cousin whom i have never met, but can’t wait to meet!

Dear Roshni,
First of all congratulations on a book well written. The first thing that struck me was how clever you are in simplifying and assimilating so much of information into a single page taking the reader into a world of visual fantasy along with your words. Must congratulate the illustrators as well for bringing your words to life through their illustrations because my 6 year old was totally enamoured with the pictures as she read with me. You have covered a range of topics like geography, career options, even introduced the topic of colour blindness which is a condition even my older one was not aware of and what makes this a reading pleasure is the way you have given meaning to the colour green from different perspectives again giving room for thought that perceptions can be so varied. Interestingly my older one commented on the colour blind page that if we are not careful even normal sighted people will see the world without green soon, again a thought that came to her mind while reading, so somewhere you are prodding them to think of preserving without being preachy. So many ideas, so many topics, some quite heavy all penned down so beautifully to make even the youngest of readers to read on till the end and using dreams as a medium was a fantastic idea. I loved the book from all angles and being a child psychologist/special educator after analazying it thoroughly its an absolutely positive, thought provoking well written book ideal for the inquisite young mind. I am going to proudly gift this to all my friends’ kids. Thank you so much and well done. Hoping to see sequels of this- like my younger one asked me – ‘are there more books in different colours’- I hope you’ve got the hint!!

2. Written by a dear friend who is an author herself!

Penning A Green Thought:

Being amidst hues and lights of green, one cannot help but be moved and inspired by Roshni’s attempt to empower the younger generation to dream clean, to dream big, to dream magic in the hopes they would inherit more than carbon footprints in the ever-unfolding future.
Her book, Three Green Dreams is reminiscent of an adventure one would have had at any given time in an individual’s life. Seen through the imagination of a young girl Ria, the story gets unveiled and the reader takes the same journey through distant lands; rich and visually stunning. Ria’s dreams highlight the uniqueness of geography; an invitation to learn about planet earth, the countries and the people that make up our world.
Three Green Dreams is at heart a little book with a big agenda. It should be applauded for the possibilities it hopes to render the mind, the colour it hopes to paint on the endless shelves of children’s books and my personal favourite…as a whole, it is truly a beautiful work of Art.


2. Check out what Aris’ Green Dreams are of…

Aris’ green dream


One comment on “Response and Reviews

  1. Seeling
    July 19, 2012

    Very nice!!! Ria’s new friend…now shares the same green creative energy-:))

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