I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them. Anne Rice



Since I last wrote, we have had lift-off….and in such grand fashion, thanks to the support of all the fabulous people in Kuala Lumpur who turned up in droves.

The launch event at Pace Gallery on 14th July was pure joy to me for several reasons as listed below.

1. Two days before the launch, I got news that the MILO van I was hankering after would actually be able to ‘attend’ the event!!! this was an extra special treat as it evoked childhood memories for a whole lot of people that day.

2. Zainal Abidin (one of Malaysia’s most recognisable musicians) not only attended the launch with his 5 year old daughter whose birthday it was, he very sportingly sang HIJAU (Green) his most famous song, and a folk song for children. Thanks Zainal for making my dream launch reality!

3. Nearly 400 amazing people started arriving from 10.30am, and kept coming till 4.30pm….and bought a total of 275 books in the space of just 6 hours!!!! TRANSLATED, that means, I autographed 275 books in 6 hours! I was overwhelmed by the support and felt like a real superstar…Thanks a million for making my days so very special everyone.

4. About 75% of people who attended the launch actually came in the colour GREEN!!!!! The level of compliance with my theme was unparalleled and frankly, made for great photo’s.

5. I had about 90 children at the launch and wow! what a great bunch of kids they were…when I took a break from signing books to read the story, they not only listened attentively for 15 minutes but also, asked some amazing questions and even thanked me for reading to them!!! I have never had a better audience.

6. Mother Nature smiled down upon us with fabulous weather…and not a drop of rain in sight.

7. 23 of the 29 pieces of art from the book were sold including those sold pre-launch and I am so happy with the homes they are going to… this makes the very tough job of letting these pieces of my first project go, so much easier!

8. Everything was just so very pretty….and being a real girl at heart, pretty things make me immensely joyful!

I will add some photo’s as soon as my photographer Joshua sends me the CD! Waiting with bated breath….


5 comments on “3,2,1…..Launch!

  1. Sudha Menon
    July 17, 2012

    Amazing!!! Simply blown away by your description of the event….and overjoyed by the success of the launch. Waiting to see the photos and of course, can’t wait to see the actual book.

  2. Anusha
    July 18, 2012

    Congrats Roshni. I am looking forward t greeting my hands on a copy. Must ask my mum to get me one when she come next month!

    • roshni menon
      July 18, 2012

      hope you really enjoy reading it to your little ones!

  3. dilipnaidu
    February 15, 2013

    Heartiest congrats for this amazing success – richly deserved.

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